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Starting Out

When you want somewhere to start in your spiritual journey and have absolutely no clue as to where to start from, here are some suggestions. Let your eye run over them and see what stands out to you (the one/s that say pick me!). Start there and see where it leads you...

  • Tom Butler-Bowdon is amazing in his ability to sum things up in a nutshell and in plain English! His book: 50 Spiritual Classics - allows you to explore over a few pages the key themes and lives of the world’s greatest spiritual thinkers.  You can use this book to see what spiritual thinkers appeal to you and explore their writings further. He provides references for other authors who have continued to expand on the particular area of spiritual thought. 50 Self-Help Classics; 50 Success Classics; and 50 Psychology Classics all continue the theme of exploring the themes and lives of the world’s greatest thinkers and writers of these areas.
  • Neale Donald Walsh and his conversation with God:  Conversations with God Books 1-3.  Every question you might have ever wanted to ask God, he does. This is a record of their conversation over a period of years.   Gives you a whole new perspective on your life: a life that truly never ends.
  • The Dali Lama is the embodiment of compassion and as such as we evolve up from the third chakra energy of I, to the fourth chakra energy of love, he is the energy we are evolving to. Unless you feel a very deep calling to Buddhism I would stick more to his biography (which will give you an idea of his own spiritual journey) and his books where he applies his faith to every day living ie The Art of Happiness: a handbook for living.
  • Louise L Hay.  Her key book: You Can Heal Your Life (also DVD out now too) will give you the tools in which to explore your past; heal your present and aim high for the future.  As she says: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed”.
  • A word from Quantum Physics: What the Bleep Do We (K)now.  This is a fabulous exploration of the science behind the power of intentions. There is a book and a DVD (which you will probably find on the special interest shelf down at where you hire DVDs).
  • The power of your intention: The Secret and the Intenders for the Highest Good are the two organisations that came into my view. Both have DVDs and other resources to help you master the art of intention.
  • The art of attraction: Ester and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham) whose constant message is to reach for your highest thought and that’s what you will attract.  They have a multitude of resources you can access.
  • A beautiful way to start each day is with what is known as the Salutations to the Four DirectionsFace the direction it says, state the intention and focus on the colour that it says to imagine. There are also yoga positions that go with this but it is enough to just start the practice each morning and night without the moves:

Face: West
Trust: I trust that everything is for my
ultimate good
Imagine - green

Face: North
Acceptance: I accept all that life offers me
Imagine: blue

Face: South
Letting Go: I let go and flow with my life
Imagine - white

Face: East
Gratitude: I am grateful for everything
Imagine - red

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