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We can all aspire: “to have the kind of thoughts in which angels can live.” Rudolf Steiner

As I have traveled down my healing path, there have been many teachers, healers and other angels that have come into my life that have given me answers to my questions. The following pages are grouped into three areas and may be of assistance to you:

Starting Out - when you want somewhere to start in your journey and have absolutely no clue as to where to start from.

Healers - other Healers in the Canberra region who may be helpful to you.

Resources - websites, books, DVDs, CDs, audio, downloads that you may find useful.

Gymea Lily

3 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Change Your Life
1. Start each day and end each day saying:
I am healed, happy, healthy, whole and humming! (even if you don’t feel it at first!)

2. Go for a walk outside each day and breathe deeply

3. Look and listen to what is appearing in your life each day and find the hidden message for you

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