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In The Light

Becoming Conscious
A lot of spiritual teachings and New Age practices talk about becoming conscious or waking up or being in the light and you might be wondering what on earth they are talking about.

You are a three part being: a Body (physical), Mind (non-physical), Soul/Spirit (meta-physical). Different philosophies, religions, spirituality and science name them differently but they are all speaking about the same thing:

  • Conscious, Unconscious, Super-conciousness;
  • Id, Ego, Super Ego; or
  • Energy, Matter, Anti-matter

Your soul holds every feeling you have ever had. Your awareness of this is held in your mind.  Your actions are dictated by what you feel and think – whether you are conscious of it or not.

If you want to change your life, you need to start feeling and thinking differently now.  In order to start you need to be conscious of what you are holding onto now: what are you holding in your spirit and your mind?  Your clues lie in what you are manifesting in your life right now.

We Are All One

Not just from an individual perspective (the human body is a model of unity – each part beautifully in sync with the other, always aiming for homeostatis or balance) but also from a human perspective (we are all splendid individuals, each presenting a different look, feel, sound, smell, taste, perception to the outside world) and a cosmic perspective - everything that you can perceive (plus also that which you cannot but that others can) all come from the Divine spark of the universe.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. As our acceptance of this grows, we feel connected and begin to understand the inter-relationship between everyone and

Mint Bush

everything - we begin to be thankful and cherish everything and everyone around us now.

Starting Your Spiritual Journey
If you are reading this, then you have already started.  When you first start exploring this aspect of yourself (your eternal self, your soul), it can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing. Not to mention the physical aspects that you might also be experiencing.   There seems to be so much ‘out there’ and trying to discern the ‘truth’ can be difficult.

To find out what’s right for you set your intention to do so.  It might be something like this: I am now love, joy and the truth.  This sets the intention for only the highest good to come into your life.  You can then relax and be alert for teachers and resources that come into your life, and know that they are right for you.

Look through the Connections pages.  Say your intention and then scan the pages and see what attracts your attention.  Wherever your eyes land or if something seems to be saying “pick me!” – that’s your starting point for the next phase of your spiritual journey.

Blessings, love and light to you, Katherine

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