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Mineral Salt
(also known as Tissue Salts)

Foods you should
focus on

Potential weaknesses

Maximising your potential


Kali Phos
(Potassium Phosphate)

Nerve Nutrient

Tomato, dandelion, beetroot, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, asparagus, potato skin, carrot, lettuce spinach and cucumber, orange, lemon, grapefruit, apple, dates, watercress, parsley, and milk.

Head, face, ears, nose issues; adrenal glands; spleen; arteries; hay fever; blood pressure issues; scars; fevers & inflammation; accidents & acute afflictions; dizziness & vertigo; nerve pain; hair loss, acne.

B group vitamin foods (wholegrain cereals).  Rest regularly as you are prone to overdoing it. You need peace and quiet when recuperating.


Nat Sulph
(Sodium Sulphate)

Water Eliminator

Spinach, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, radish, romaine lettuce, pumpkin, beans, apple, peaches, blackberries, strawberries and pomegranates.

Thyroid (underactive); weight gain; high blood pressure; sore throats; croup; glandular issues in neck and throat; sluggish bowels (constipation/ haemorrhoids); tight shoulder and neck muscles.

Iodine rich foods (kelp, iodised salt, dairy).  Learn to let go and express your emotions. Regular exercise.  Positive energy, company, music and warmth when recuperating.


Kali Mur
(Potassium Chloride)

Glandular Tonic

Green & yellow beans, asparagus, corn, turnips, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lettuce, tomato, mushroom, carrots, apricots, peaches, pineapple, watercress, cheese, butter and goat’s milk.

Nervous system; bronchitis; pneumonia; pleurisy, asthma, eczema and allergies; shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and collarbone issues; insomnia.

Potassium rich foods (all vegetables, bananas & citrus, almonds, cashews, pecans). Rest, fresh air, walks and limited periods of intense activity. Rrecuperating you need a change of place, a dry climate, water to drink, sleep and loving attention.


Calc Fluor
(Calcium Fluoride)


Rye, cabbage, pumpkin, grapes, oranges and lemons.

Immune disruptions; nervous system; gall and kidney stones; stomach and indigestion issues; uterus issues; endometriosis; disturbed periods; breast issues; fluid retention.

Well cooked foods. Relax! Yoga and mediation are helpful to let go of worry.  Being by or in water is very rejuvenating for you.


Mag Phos

Muscle Relaxant

Wheat-bran, oats, peas, beetroot, cabbage, lettuce citrus, plums, apples, and cocoa.

Heart issues (physical and emotional); hot flushes and fevers; blood cell (immunity) and pressure issues; spine issues; hair loss; burnout.

Immune strengthening foods (dark green leafy vegetables, fruit, cold pressed oils, fish oils).  Yoga and walking that helps you stand tall, rest and relax. To recuperate, you need quite surroundings, rest and loving attention.


Kali Sulph
(Potassium Sulphate)

Skin Balance

Celery, tomato, beetroot, parsnips, apples, lemons, olives, figs, dates, sprouts, hazelnuts, and chicory.

Digestion and intestinal disturbances; food sensitivities; hypoglycaemia; lower back issues; ligaments and tendons; pancreas.

Well cooked foods. Daily relaxation is essential. You do best in cold, crisp surroundings or in humidity in the tropics.


Nat Phos
(Sodium Phosphate)

Acid Neutraliser

White and brown rice, corn, asparagus, beans, carrots, celery, radishes, spinach, apples, figs, peaches, pomegranate, strawberries, raisins, and almonds.

Kidney, urinary, thyroid, skin, veins and hormonal issues; fluid retention; lower back issues; high blood pressure (kidneys).

Alkaline, low salt, iodine rich foods. Walking, water and mediation will assist you to keep in balance. Peace, fresh air and good company are very rejuvenating for you.


Calc Sulph
(Calcium Sulphate)

Blood Cleanser

Onions, garlic, mustard greens, asparagus, cauliflower, leeks, radishes, watercress, figs, black cherries, prunes and gooseberries.

Reproductive organs, hormone and bladder issues; attract infections and community diseases; detox (lymphatic, bladder, kidneys, liver) system; constipation and haemorrhoids.

Very strong constitution - detox diets to maintain. Regular rest.  Hiding away helps your rejuvenate.



Cleanser & Conditioner

Barley, oats, rice, rye, whole wheat, asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, horseradish, onions, parsnips, strawberries, figs, cherries, most vegetable and fruit skins.

Sciatica; rheumatism; gout; accidents, falls, cuts, bites, stings; liver, hip and pelvic, buttocks and upper leg issues; blood sugar regulation; nervous exhaustion.

Regulate is your key to your natural longevity. To rejuvenate, rest in peaceful surrounds and focus on breathing deeply.


Calc Phos
(Calcium Phosphate)

Bone Health

Wheat, lentils, meat, asparagus, beans, cabbage, spinach, parsley, strawberries, figs, blueberries and plums.

Skin diseases; arthritis; gout; depression; chronic fatigue; constipation; poor circulation (cold); gall bladder; bone, teeth and knee issues.

Find opportunities in which to laugh!  To rejuvenate, rest with cheerful people, music and laughter in fresh air.


Nat Mur
(Sodium Chloride)

Fluid Balance

Corn, lentils, seafood, asparagus, cabbage, celery, radish, spinach, apples, figs, strawberries, almonds, sesame seeds.

Energy flow (chakras, meridians, aura) issues; nerve, blood pressure, eye and circulation (cold hands and feet) issues; lower legs and ankles; anaemia; cramps and spasms; epilepsy; varicose veins; haemorrhoids.

Respond very well to energetic healing (hands on healers).  Yoga & meditation are particularly beneficial for grounding you. Clean water, fresh air cheerful & stimulating places, rejuvenate you.


Ferr Phos
(Iron Phosphate)

First Aid

Beef and other meats, liver, cucumber, radishes, spinach, dates, figs, strawberries, raisins, parsley and almonds.

Immune, auto-immune & lymphatic system issues; weight gain; easily affected by the energy of others; sensitive to addictions; feet and toe issues.

Remember to eat and drink! Yoga & meditation are particularly beneficial for grounding you. To rejuvenate be near water.  Also fresh air, sunshine, music and walking in nature.

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