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Emotional Centre




9pm - 11pm

Triple Warmer (Membrane covering organs; Hormone/ Endocrine System)


Over or under-functioning of hormone system; fever; shivers; headache, sore throats

Depression; despair; impatience; grief; hopelessness; loneliness.

I am full of hope now.

11pm – 1am

Gall Bladder


Eye problems; tinnitus; migraine; ear and nose issues.  Toxins gather in the bile

Decision making & courage; can get your second wind at night here to be decisive; united with the liver (the planner); annoyed, irritated, anger & rage.

I am now forgiving and loving to myself and others.

1am – 3am



Eyes are the windows into the soul (liver); teeth; sinus; thyroid; external genital organs; capillaries & varicose veins; thigh area & skin; fatigue; prostate; uterus; muscle & tendons of lower part of body.

Anger; planning;
frustration to life plan.

I am now happy.

3am – 5am



Respiration & skin; immune system; allergies; heavy metal load

Grief & loss; feelings from the past; good time for reflective activities (meditation); harmony; social interactions; communication; worry.

I am now tolerant and patient.
We are all one.

5am – 7am

Large intestine

Self Esteem, Guilt

Sinus; teeth; joint pain; stomach; lungs; abdomen; bronchitis; colds with fevers; pancreas; skin; uterus; constipation; hay fever

Letting go.

I am worthy now.

7am – 9am


Content & calm

Nose; ears; sinus; upper jaw & teeth; thyroid; breast; depression; lymphatic system; varicose veins; knees & ankles; circulation in feet & legs; tonsils; nausea; hunger


Irritation; disgust; disappointment; bitterness; greed; emptiness.

I am at peace.
I now enjoy nourishing myself.

9am – 11am

Spleen/ Pancreas


Not absorbing nutrients; lymphatic drainage issues; mouth ulcers; teeth; skin (eczema); sinus; thyroid; chest; small & large intestine; knees and ankles; chemical and electro-radiation sensitivity.

An absence of nurturing; obsession of thoughts; fears of the future.

I am safe now.

11am – 1pm



Blood vessels; oxygen supply; heart; unrest, fear, grief; laryngitis; can’t concentrate; upper wisdom teeth; sleeplessness; pain in shoulder, arm, chest; pulse; tongue

Love and compassion.


I now love and forgive myself
and others.

1pm – 3pm

Small intestine


Food allergies; mucus of nose, throat and small intestines; sinus; teeth; stomach; feverish illnesses; pancreas, skin issues; prostate; uterus; ears

Absorption; the heart’s partner; purity.

I am now full of joy.

3pm – 5pm


Peace & harmony

Pelvic area – bladder; prostate, uterus, testicles and ovaries; eyes; ears; spine; back aches; headaches; sexual organ; sinus; cystitis; haemorrhoids.

Security & survival; overlap with the nervous system; using reserve energy; resistance to change; sexuality.

I am at peace with my life.
My life is balanced now.

5pm – 7pm


Will; Sexual Confidence

Chronic inflammation due to poor hydration; Lower back, eye, ear, sexual organ issues; headaches; sinusitis; cystitis; and haemorrhoids.

Fear; storage of energy;
flow of life.

Issues with sexuality.

I am safe now.
I am comfortable and in tune with my sexuality.

7pm – 9pm


Relaxation, generosity, letting go

Heart (sensation of pressure in chest), blood circulation, tongue, psychological (incl mania, delirium) issues; pain in thorax; gastritis; spasms; cold hands and feet; fever, inflammation & swelling; sweaty hands; and hiatus hernia.

Heart protector; intimacy; store emotional blows.

Lack of joy.

I am letting go of the past.
 I am relaxed and generous now.

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