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Your Body

To stay healthy, ensure that you have: plenty of filtered water; fresh, ripe organic food; sunshine and fresh air; minimise/ avoid processed food; keep your home and surrounding environment chemically free; and exercise your body daily (in what ever way feels right for you).

When a part of your physical being starts crying out for attention through pain and/or not working properly, you have a very personal and powerful message about what needs healing in your life now.  Below are some philosophies that can give you clues as to how you can assist in your healing. Click through to their page for detailed information.

Chakras: are energy centres around the body that can actually be seen by psychic people.  They look like funnels on both the front and back of our bodies that draw the universal energy into our physical beings - which we use to animate our life force.  The chakras on the front of our bodies relate to our feelings; the back to our will; and the top on our heads to our mental states.  Anything blocking that energy from entering our body will disrupt our lives.  Where the disturbance in your body manifests, it gives you a message about what chakra/s is/are blocked – you will notice that some chakras overlap and share similar blockage themes.  You may have issues in one or both of these chakras.

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The Chinese Clock: traditional Chinese medicine states that each of our organs has a time of day when they are at their peak. Each day is divided into 12 two hour segments, where each segment corresponds to a different organ.  If a particular symptom or event keeps happening at the same time of every day for you, it may indicate an issue with that particular organ and its corresponding emotional state.  During Daylight Savings Time, don’t forget to subtract an hour from your time to get the right time on the Chinese Clock.

Medical Astrology: we are all born with a Blueprint for our life – our birth chart. Within that birth chart, your zodiac sign provides you with clues as to where in your body you may have potential weaknesses – areas that will need your attention and nurturing as you go through life. If you don’t recognise any of the weak areas assigned to your sign, you may need to look at your Moon and Ascending signs.   Each sign also has a mineral salt assigned to it known as your constitutional mineral - what you need a lot of to optimise your health.

Diet for some further information on what to eat and Sensitivities for food and chemical sensitivities and/or allergies.

This information is not medical advice.  Please take your dis-ease seriously and make informed choices;
seek professional medical advice where necessary.

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