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The soul faithfully comes to our aid through dreams, deep emotion, love,
the quiet voice of guidance, synchronicities, revelations, hunches, and visions,
and at times through illness, nightmares, and terrors.

Bill Plotkin

Look around right now... what are you attracting into your life? Think of yourself like a magnet: what you think and feel you will attract more
of.  What are your favourite: things, colours, seasons, animals, music, stones, crystals, flowers, numbers?  What don’t you like?  What do you dream about - do you dream at all? What keeps showing up in your life over and over again?

Ever wonder why some people keep popping up in your life and others only stay for a brief moment and then others are there for a lifetime? All of them have a message for you… something that is useful for your life. And you have a message for them too. Ask yourself: what is their message for you? This can be challenging when emotions keep us fixed on how that person makes us feel but it is worth persevering, as you will have the most to gain if you can understand their message for you.

Try being like someone watching your life (being an ‘observer’) so that you can emotionally detach from the situation/relationship and ask yourself, what is the message for me? Sometimes it is: a clue to what we need to heal within ourselves; or information that will contribute to the manifestation of our intentions; or a gift – the manifestation of an actual intention. This works for the other person too. You could be any of these things to them. As God said to Neale Donald Walsh in his book, Conversations with God: I have sent you nothing but Angels. Give with an open heart and mind knowing you will get everything back as you intend.

There are healers (for further information see Healers and Resources) that specialise in each of the areas outlined below that you can access to discover the meaning behind what you are attracting and attracted to:

Animals: every animal represents an aspect of us: ability; strength; state of being. When we notice what animals are attracted to us and how we feel about them, it gives us an insight into our inner world.

Colour: we are deeply affected by the energy from colour. We find warm colours (red, orange, yellow) to be stimulating; cool colours (green, blue, purple) to be relaxing.  Muddied colours express negative or suppressed emotions, while clear, bright colours are positive emotions. Art and colour therapy can uncover your hidden world.

Dreams: are like a doorway into our unconscious world.  They can be a significant tool in your healing journey.

Flowers: traditionally we have assigned meaning to their colours: red (love, romance); light red (fascination); orange (desire, enthusiasm); yellow (cheerful thoughts, warmth and happiness); pink (gratitude, admiration and joy); purple (royalty; wealth; spirituality); and white (new beginnings, forgiveness, marriage, innocence and purity).  What flowers are you attracted to?  Australian Bush Flower Essences™ will help you explore the flowers.

Music: do you have a song that you like to play over and over; or one that you can’t get out of your head? Look closely at the lyrics and you may find an interesting message about what requires healing within you.  There are healers that use sound and if music stirs your soul, you may find this an interesting therapy to explore.

Numbers: can be very illuminating in your life.  Some meanings are: 0 = spirituality; 1 = self expression and ego; 2 = intuition and our need to be part of a pair, 3 = memory and trinity; 4 = order/ method/ organisation and the square of practicality; 5 = love and freedom of expression; 6 = creativity and integration of left and right brain; 7 = learning through experience and the symbol of healing/temple/chakras; 8 = wisdom and independence; 9 = ambition (body), responsibility (mind), idealism (soul); 10 = unity of the self and the Divine; 11 = spirituality; 12 = power; 22 = master number, all things are possible..

Stones & Crystals: every type has a specific healing purpose, from physical well being through to emotional support. Crystals have an amplification affect, which is useful to help support and strengthen your body to heal an aspect of itself.

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