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Life was meant to be abundant in all aspects.  Your thoughts and feelings are creating your life.  You get what you say you want plus what you say you don’t want.  So if you want to be healthy, you should focus your thoughts on healing rather than on symptoms and disease.  The more you think and talk about those, the more of it you will create.

~♥~I am healed, happy, healthy, whole and humming!~♥~
The Intenders of the Highest Good

Let that be your focus and, as The Secret says, let the Dr worry about the dis-ease.

Your life, the way you want to consciously create it, starts now. What will you do now?  Now is all that matters... there are so many teachers around who can assist you in your journey, all you have to do is ask. Write our your vision for your life in the present tense.  The Secret uses: “I am so happy and grateful now that I am...(you fill in the blank)” or as the Intenders phrase it: “I intend that I am now...(fill in the blank) So be it and there it is.”.

Life Purpose
Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences
: Silver Princess; Bauhinia; Boab; Pink Mulla Mulla; Boronia; Bottlebrush; Five Corners; Gymea Lily; Kapok Bush; Paw Paw; Sturt Desert Rose
Each of us brings a unique gift to the world. What is yours? Do you know? Would you like to know? Then make an intention now: my life purpose is being made known to me now. Say it when you get up in the morning and before you got to bed at night, write it out and put it around the house on little sticky notes – anything that will get you to focus on your goal, when ever you have a break in your stream of consciousness.

Do this for three weeks (a habit is formed after three weeks – the number three is for memory!) and then release it. During this time and following the three weeks, keep alert for messages from other people, places, books, movies and music, anything that comes into your view will have a clue or a gift for you about your life purpose. Embrace it and follow it where ever it may lead you. And before you know it, you’ll know what your life purpose is. Enjoy your treasure hunt!

Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences
: all of them!
It is really important that you surround yourself with the support you need as you change your life. Emotional support provides you with the protection and validation that you are heading in the right direction. It provides you with a witness to your journey.  For some this support will come from family and/or friends; for others it will be their spirituality; or other healers that provide counseling services; Australian Bush Flower Essences
(which are all about emotional support and healing); or a combination of all these.  What ever is right for you, embrace this support and bless it.

Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences: Bauhinia; Bottlebrush; Transition - all of the essences are about change

Change can bring about a feeling of emptiness as current people, places, job, home or what ever you are changing leave your life. It’s not long until the new comes rushing in but at times it can feel like the void is lasting forever while the change comes through. Our challenge is to hang on and not rush out to fill the void with the old again. Relax into it and enjoy the journey, the more you resist the change the longer the period of change will last for.

Forgiveness Process - with thanks to the Australian Bush Flower Essences company
Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences
: Dagger Hakea; Bottlebrush; Mt Devil; Sturt Desert Rose

Forgiveness is the way to true health and happiness.
By not judging, we release the past and let go of our fears of the future.
In doing so, we come to see that, everyone is our teacher and that every circumstance is an opportunity
for growth in happiness, peace and love.
Gerald G. Jampolsky

This process is enhanced if you are also taking Dagger Hakea (Australian Bush Flower Essence™ for forgiveness).

Find a quiet, safe place and sit down (have a tissue box and Emergency Essence handy incase the emotions get too intense). Get comfortable, and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.  When you are ready, ask for the people you hold resentment towards to be presented to you in visual form. The first person that comes to you (when you see or have a sense of them), is the one you are holding the most resentment towards. Visualise a silver cord coming from both their naval and your naval and tying in the space between you both.

Then say: “The resentment that I am holding against you for…” and list everything you feel resentful and /or bitter towards them about.  When you have finished, breathe deeply and say “(Name) the resentment I hold against you I now release.  I love you and I forgive you”, make a pair of scissors with your hands and cut the cord.   Repeat this another two times.  Let your list of resentments grow, shrink or stay the same – what is right for you is what you should do.

Now reverse the process. Tie the cords again. This time, put yourself in the other person’s shoes (this might be difficult!).  Take a deep breath and say “(Name) the resentment that you feel against me for…” and list the things that come to you.  When you finish, breathe deeply and say “(Name) all these things that you hold resentment against me for I now forgive you for. I love you and I release you.”  Repeat another two times.

You are then ready to start with the next person that comes to mind. Keep going until no more people come to mind.

Some things to note:

  • You may want to do this over several sittings if your list of people is long.
  • The first people that will probably come are your parents.
  • Don’t be surprised if your cord is hard to cut – it may become easier with each cycle as you release the emotion or it may indicate there is still more on your list that hasn’t become conscious to you yet.
  • The last person to come will probably be yourself

Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences: Bluebell; Pink Flannel Flower
In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsh writes about the two most powerful words in manifesting the life you desire are: I am.  By stating to the world what you desire in the form of I am… that is what you will attract to your life. By holding the emotion of gratitude we add the feelings necessary to generate the good we desire in our lives. The more we give thanks for what we have, the more we will receive in our life to be thankful for.

The Secret teaches us to write a list that starts out with: I am so happy and grateful now that I am… and you list all the things you want in your life as well as all the things that currently are in your life that you are happy and grateful for.

Louise Hay teaches us that by honouring our divine selves through the statement of “I love and accept myself just as I am” we heal our lives.

Poetically, we could say each day:

Thank You

Thank you for the love in my life.
Thank you for the love that surrounds me everyday of my life.
Thank you for the love that I AM.

Thank you for my perfect body.
Thank you for my health and vitality.
Thank you for the miracle of life that I AM.
Thank you for the gift of life I see reflected all around me.

Thank you for the abundance that I AM.
Thank you for the abundance which the Goddess earth reflects to me each day.
Thank you for the river of money which flows to me and flows through me.
Thank you for the ease and comfort of my life.

Thank you for the wonderous possibilities and probabilities.
Thank you for the beauty and harmony.
Thank you for the joy.
Thank you for the laughter and the play.

Thank you for the adventure of my life and thank you for the wonderment.
Thank you for the peace and tranquility.
Thank you for the peace that I AM.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences
: Sunshine Wattle; Waratah; Tall Yellow Top; Kapok Bush - all of them help you to feel better though
Can you be happy with your life as it is right now? Think about that for a minute… Look at your life from the view of an actor. You can change the set pieces on the stage around you (job, house, relationship, country), which can distract you for quite some time but if you are not happy within yourself, the lift you get from the change will only be temporary. Fundamentally, if you want lasting happiness in your life, you need to work with where you are at right now. As you clear the blocks within you, a change of scenery might still be wanted or required but now you will experience a permanent state of happiness that will fill your life.

Appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences
: Calm & Clear; Black-eyed Susan; Boronia; Bottlebrush; Dog Rose of the Wild Forces; Grey Spider Flower; Kangaroo Paw; Tall Mulla Mulla; Pink Mulla Mulla; Mint Bush; Sundew; Red Lily)
Do you want peace in the world? Well then it starts with you:

If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it.
This is the most basic kind of peace work.
Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist monk)

Everything you do and say, contributes to your well being, your family and friends, your community, and our world.

Start right now by lighting a candle for peace.  Breathe deeply. Play calming music.  Practice gratitude. And be open to giving and receiving  with child like abandon. All this directs your energy to a peaceful existence.

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