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Your Life

The things you enjoy are your strengths; the things you wish would stop showing up, provide meaning to what needs healing now.  The things you feel nothing towards have no relevance for your healing journey - for now. Our healing journey resembles the layers of an onion - as one layer is dealt with (peeled off), the next layer is exposed. Our journey takes us to our core: where we are beings of light and love.

Healing means to empty ourselves, to create space within and fill the space with light. 

The goal of healing is to restore natural harmony. When this is done, symptoms will disappear since they are only messengers of imbalance. Listen to the whispers (symptoms), if you don’t then the bangs come.  If you still resist, the Mac truck comes. If you continue to resist, the truck will simply back up and run you over again and again until you listen. It really does pay to listen


Our Strengths and Shadows

We are all born with a Blueprint for our lives.  It provides an insight into our strengths and shadows.  Our family history provides a genetic blueprint, our birth chart (astrology), and numbers in our birth date and name (numerology) a cosmic blueprint.

Attraction: you are a magnet: what you think and feel you will attract more of. Everything around you right now is a reflection of a part within you. Look within yourself for the answers to your life.

To attract more of what you want in your life, you need to change the story (what you tell yourself every day about you and your life) inside of you to a positive one. The most powerful healing affirmation is:

I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.

By saying this every day to yourself allows you to have gratitude in your life.  Then, you can set your intentions for what you want to come into your life.

Creation: From the viewpoint of absolute truth, what we feel and experience in ordinary daily life is all delusion.   Dalai Lama

Makes you think doesn’t it… if we are making it all up, then what do you want it to be? Would you want a heavenly journey full of love, joy and truth? Then what is stopping you right now from intending that to be?  You can create your life in what ever way you wish. What will you choose?

Parenting: One of the more challenging journeys we can make is to be a parent.  For some inspiration on your parenting journey or reflection on your parents journey with you.

Being In Tune With Nature

Nature, like us, is always seeking balance and breathes in and out.  There is a universal heart beat that we can tune into that gives us everything we desire.  Go outside and connect yourself with the energy of nature: it reflects your true spirit.  Go sit under a tree, take your shoes off and put the soles of your feet against the ground. Lay your hands next to your body, touching the ground. Breathe deeply and ask for what you seek: healing; energy; creativity... and relax. When you feel recharged, give thanks for your healing and move on. Notice how you feel - what’s changed? You will feel different; better; and all it cost you was the time to just sit, ask, receive and give thanks.  Do this as often as you can!

We can look at two aspects that influence nature: the sun (seasons - masculine energy) and the moon (timing - feminine energy). By working with the rhythms of nature our lives become more harmonious and flow with ease.

    The Sun and the Seasons
    Spring - focus on the emotional self; new: beginnings, growth, directions; expansion of your energy.
    Summer - intellectual self; joy; being social.
    Autumn - physical self; harvest; abundance; creativity; sexuality; completion.
    Winter - spiritual self; rest, gestation, renewal; drawing in of your energy.

    The Moon and Timing
    The moon affects water with its gravitational pull.  So it affects the tides, the water and sap in plants, and has an effect on our body’s fluids (our body is 98% water).  The moon illuminates our unconsciousness and rules over our dreams. There are four parts to each cycle of the moon:
    New Moon - waking up; the energy starts to rise; representing rebirth; set your intentions.
    Waxing Moon - expanding energy; take action in line with your intuition and dreams; our creative forces are in full flight.
    Full Moon - release; and relax!
    Waning Moon - slowing down; the energy is falling: representing reflection and assimilation; absorbing the learnings from the previous three weeks.

    You can even use the moon’s phases to ensure an abundant, resilient crop if you are a gardener.  The simple rule of thumb (so to speak!) is: planting those plants who grow upwards during a waxing moon; and planting those who grow downwards (root crops) during a waning moon. As the moon, moves across our sky it enters particular zodiac signs. The 12 signs are divided into the elements of fire, air, earth and water.  As the moon passes through these signs, it also provides a reference for what will thrive during these times:
    Fire - Aires and Sagittarius: fruit; Leo: nuts and seed-producing crops;
    Air - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini: flowers and plants that produce perfume;
    Earth - Capricorn and Taurus: root crops including garlic; Virgo: all herbs;
    Water - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: above ground crops ie trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables.
    You will find m
    ore information on moon gardening in Resources.

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