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Children respond extremely well to flower essences.  Their bodies are so attuned to nature and its healing powers.  The flowers can safely be used in conjunction with current medicines (for example in the case of asthma and allergy medications, and eczema preparations) to help support and strengthen the childís body.  They can be used also instead of over the counter preparations like paracetamol.

Bill Plotkin, in his wonderful book Nature and the Human Soul (for further information: Resources), talks about the four stages of growing up:

Early Childhood - The Innocent in the Nest - where their task is forming a healthy, intact, culturally acceptable ego and and our role is the care of their innocence.  Their gift to our world is their luminous presence, innocence and joy, and their centre of gravity is with Spirit. Generally speaking lasting from birth until 4-5 years old.

Middle Childhood - The Explorer in the Garden - where their task is to discover the natural world and learn the culture ways of the family they were born into.  This is where their conscious self-awareness emerges. Their gift is their wonder and their centre of gravity is family and nature. From four to five, until puberty. Steiner philosophy also points to a period between the ages of nine to ten where children experience themselves as separate individuals for the first time and they feel alone in the world, causing all sorts of strange behaviour that has not yet been witnessed by their parents. Itís temporary but a significant turning point in their lives as they realise that life is fragile.

Early Adolescence - The Thespian at the Oasis - where their task is to create a secure and authentic social self. Their gift is fire and their centre of gravity is their peer group, sex and society. Puberty onwards

Late Adolescence - The Wonderer in the Cocoon - where they leave behind the familiar (home - the adolescent identity) and explore the mysteries of life to find what their life purpose is. Their gift is mystery and darkness and their centre of gravity is the underworld.  Adequate preparation of the adolescent personality is required before commencing this stage.  Might not happen until their 20-30s.

Our gift as parents is to understand our children through love, connection, to help them be fully present within each stage and explore fully that period of their life. Click on Parenting for more information.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences™ are a wonderful support to children (and parents!) not just from a physical perspective but also from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective too.

Wild Potato Bush

Useful Essences:
- Pain & Fever:
Bottlebrush & Mulla Mulla

- Frustration with their bodies: Wild Potato Bush

- Sharing toys: Bluebell

- Temper tantrums &
sibling rivalry: Mt Devil

- Trying new foods: Bauhinia

- Separation anxiety: Bottlebrush

- Success at school: Cognis

- Transformation in the 9th year: Mint Bush

- Adolescents:Adol Essence

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