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Katherine at Healing You
Canberra, ACT, Australia
0402 723 492
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Contact & Prices

Contacting Katherine Tolano at Healing You®
I am located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

You can reach me on the following:
Phone: 0402 723 492
Email me at
I will respond to your email during business hours Monday - Friday

Healing You® can be found at:
64b Barr Smith Ave
Bonython ACT 2905

~♥~I look forward to meeting your soon~♥~

Healing You® Price List
Consultation: 1 hour $80
Consultation: ½ hour $40 (usually for follow up appointments)
Consultation: ¼ hour $20 (where there is a simple issue to address)
Essence: 25 ml Bottle $15
Essence: 15 ml Bottle $10
Postage: $5 per bottle (Australia wide).

Alpine Mint Bush

Payment Details
ash or invoice using Internet Banking

Another Healer’s Perspective and Experience with the Flowers~♥~

Since the dawn of time the plant world has forged the path before other life forms, plants appeared first and then came different types of animals and finally man. Humans share a crucial relationship with plants through our breath. We respire carbon dioxide and the trees and plants take this up and respire oxygen which we need for our survival, without oxygen we can only survive a few minutes. It is also incredible to think that plants provide so many shapes, colours, tastes and smells to delight our senses. Plants also have medicinal qualities that we have long been aware of. Unfortunately, in recent history we have turned to artificial ways to manufacture these ingredients, stepping away from Nature. In the western world we are only just becoming aware that plants have an even greater capacity for healing. This is possible through building a relationship with them through their energetic vibration.

The purpose of plant healing is to bring people back to their own centre so that they can function to their highest potential, and be true to their nature.

Kathy has a passion for plants and it is through the Bush Flower Essences that she has made a connection with the life force of plants. Through Kathy the plants communicate their healing powers and Kathy is able to intuitively apply this knowledge for her clients.

In my first series of Bush Flower Essence drops from Kathy I experienced a deepening of my intuitive capabilities which felt like old pathways being cleared of cobwebs and connections re-established. It is now up to me to keep these pathways clear by using these abilities through practice and awareness of the synchronicities presenting themselves to me everyday. I am learning to be in the moment, at one with nature, myself and the unseen worlds, open to their guidance.

In the next series of Bush Flower Essence drops, I experienced a strange shift in my personal boundaries. Being a helpful generous person is my usual state of affairs, but instead I found myself feeling alright about not packing up chairs after a meeting, thinking why couldn’t the other 25 participants help out? This was completely contrary to my nature but after discussing this with Kathy we realised it was a particular plant speaking to me. I saw that I needed to set up boundaries with people who may be taking advantage of my generosity. By being shown this scenario (and others) I was able to see where I was applying my energies unnecessarily. Now I can walk away from situations without feeling compelled to offer help through a misplaced sense of guilt. I gave myself permission to prioritise myself!

I am grateful for the pathways which Kathy has opened for me through the Bush Flower Essences, they are still influencing me in positive ways today, and I can highly recommend that when plants call to you, you should try a Bush Flower Essence session!

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