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Sensitive Souls

Hello fellow traveller… I too am one and so understand your journey. The Australian Bush Flower Essences™ are the only remedy that my body has been able to, not only tolerate, but heal with.

I found that Western and Eastern medicine were too strong and most other alternative therapies I tried only seemed to exacerbate my symptoms. I often would find myself saying to people: “right diagnosis, wrong treatment”.

I had some success with keeping my diet and environment as natural as possible and connecting with nature to nurture my soul but I knew there must be more to life than feeling like I was only just hanging on.  So I went searching for something that would strengthen and support my journey in this life and I found it in the Australian Bush Flower Essences™.

The essences have made a profound difference to my life and to my daughter – a beautiful crystal child, who is also extremely sensitive. Our experience and the experience I have been privileged to share with others have shown me that the flowers can make a difference to your life, to your sensitive child and/or family member (including your gorgeous pet/s!).

On a technical note, the essences are preserved with a small amount of brandy. If you are sensitive to alcohol or you do not wish to take alcohol, then the essences can be made up without it – they just need some tender loving care by keeping them in a cool place and if not taken promptly, disposed of. However, we can talk about this more when we meet.

If you find yourself reading this, take it as a loving sign that the universe is telling you that that the essences can help you heal your body.  For more information on sensitivities click here.

Talk to you soon…♥

Tip for nausea - grate up an apple, let it go brown and then eat.  You will get all the electrolytes you need to sustain you until the nausea lifts.  Take Purifying Essence to support your body and feel better.

Pink Mulla Mulla

Useful Essences

Emergency Essence

Angelsword & Fringed Violet

Electro Essence

Purifying Essence

Pain & Fever:
Bottlebrush & Mulla Mulla

Space Clearing Spray

Deep Clearing: Boab; Green Spider Orchid; Pink Mulla Mulla

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