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Your Consultation

Having a Consultation
The easiest way to determine what flowers are suitable for you, is to come and have a consultation.  In a safe and loving environment, we can explore together what issue/s you would like to address and the best way for the flower essences to support and strengthen you.

Your Consultation
We start with an hour consultation, during which Ill ask you to fill in a form that will outline the areas of your life you wish to focus on for healing and then we will talk about what you have written. For some people their situation can be very complex, for others it can be relatively simple. Whatever your circumstances, together we will find an essence or a combination of essences that are right for you.

Australian Native Daisies

Back at Home
You will have a bottle of essence that specifically addresses your issue/s.  You will take your essence daily for the next two to four weeks.  The essence is taken when you first rise in the morning and then before bed at night just seven drops: under your tongue; in a glass of water; in your bath (a very beautiful way to take them); or rubbed into the skin.  The method is directed by what feels right for you.

I suggest you a keep a diary to note the changes in your life. The essences will continue to work in your body even after you have finished taking them.

About a month after our first chat, we will meet again and review your journey since we last talked.  For some, this may be where we part as the healing that was required is complete, for others there may be further consultations required to peel back the layers to arrive at being healed, and then for others it may be we continue to see each other on and off as required.

What ever your concern is, I know the Australian Bush Flower Essences™ can be of assistance to you. I look forward to meeting you soon

 Reasons to Use the Essences
- an immediate crisis;
- to deal with negative or painful emotions;
-  for physical healing;
- to cope with stress and the
demands of life;
 - to help in relationships with others;
 - for greater clarity about
your life work and direction;
 - to bring about a more positive
attitude toward life;
- improve school & study/
professional career development/re-training;
 - to improve your self image
and feelings about yourself;
 - for long term inner growth and change;
- to enhance your creativity
and self-expression; and/or
- for greater spiritual awareness

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