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Healing You

Hi, my name is Katherine.  Here at Healing You® (Canberra, Australia), through the use of the Australian Bush Flower Essences™, I can assist you to heal your body.  The essences are safe, easy to use and are a relatively inexpensive way to support and strengthen your body to heal.  They can be safely used in conjunction with existing medications and supplements.

The essences are suitable for all members of your family, including your beloved pets. They can assist you with any issue relating to your: physical; mental; emotional; and/or spiritual aspects.

They can be taken:

  • preventatively (if you know an event that is coming up that will cause you difficulties ie surgery, exams);
  • as a reliever (for current symptoms); and/or
  • a way in which to explore aspects of yourself that may be hidden from your consciousness (ie when something keeps occurring that you have been unable to understand why).

Your healing is completely directed by you, all you need to do is contact me .

Monga Waratah

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How to find information on this site
Healing You: consultations at Healing You®, contacting me, pricing, and information regarding sensitive souls and children;
The Flowers: how the essences are prepared, how they work in your body plus information on individual and combination essences;
Healing Energy: regarding energetic healing: both your body and your life plus information on journeying into the light; and
Connections: for links to resources, websites and other healing contacts.

This information is not medical advice.  Please take your dis-ease seriously and make informed choices;
seek professional medical advice where necessary.

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