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About the Flowers

Dis-ease or symptoms in our body are a physical manifestation of our emotional imbalances; our emotions show the way for our mind and body to create.  They can be seen as an indication that something in our life is out of balance.  They are a message about how to bring our life back to a sense of wholeness.  We just need to know how to read the signs.

How do the essences work? 
From a physical perspective, once swallowed or rubbed/soaked into the skin, they are absorbed into the blood stream.  From there they move between the circulation and nervous systems, then out into your meridians, chakras and out into your energy field (aura). From there they come back again into your physical body - all within 0.01 of a second!

Flannel Flower

The essences are transmitted through the physical and energy bodies by silica which is found in the blood, hair and nails. The process can be likened to the way radio waves make contact on a crystal in a radio and transform them into audio frequencies that can be heard by the human ear.

How are they prepared
The essences are prepared by imprinting a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature onto a carrier solution of brandy and water. This is achieved (ideally) by working with flowers that are growing in pristine wild areas - free from pollution, roads and power lines.

The flowers are collected and, without being touched directly by the individual, placed in a bowl of pure Australian spring water and left in direct sun for several hours. The flowers are then removed from the bowl, using a twig or a leaf from the same plant.

The remaining flower water is then added to an equal amount of Australian brandy which is referred to as the Mother tincture.  This is diluted further to produce the stock concentration and then diluted again in order to prepare your bottle (known as the dosage strength).

What do the essences do to your body?
In short... they just make you feel better ☺.

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