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Individual Flowers

There are 69 individual essences in the Australian Bush Flower Essence™ range. During our consultation it will become obvious what one or combination of essences you need at this particular time to assist you in resolving the issue at hand.

The essences are very easy to take and come in small bottles. When taking an essence regularly, it is handy to keep it on your bed-side table so that you remember to take it before bed and when you wake up.

Some common combinations (some of which you may find in your local health store) are:

Emergency Essences: helps ease distress, fear, panic.  Can be taken as often as necessary during an emergency. Particularly useful if a person is awaiting specialised assistance as this will help keep them calm.  Every house should have a bottle in their first aid kit and another in the car.

Abund: allows you to fully open up to all the riches of the universe.

Adol: relief from major issues teenagers experience.

Calm & Clear: assists those always on the go to relax.  Useful just before a very stressful experience ie exams.

Cognis: for focus and clarity when speaking, studying, reading and singing! It assists in balancing both the left and right hand hemispheres of the brain - linking your thinking ability with your creative ability.

Creative (Heartsong): for those who have a creative block and/or inhibition.  Also gives courage and clarity in speaking and singing.

Dynamis: renews enthusiasm and joy for life when you are not feeling yourself.

Face Hand & Body: encourages acceptance of your physical body, love and nurturing of your self.

Electro: negate harmful radiation effects (ie computers, power lines, meter boxes, fluorescent lights, radiation therapy, sun effects).

Meditation: to deepen you religious or spiritual practice.

Purifying (Detox): release and clear emotional (physical) build up in your body. You’ll feel like you’ve been spring cleaned!

Relationship: improves the quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones.

Sensuality: encourages intimacy, passion and sexual fulfillment.

Sexuality: to feel comfortable with intimacy; renews passion and interest within a relationship.

Solaris: relieves the fear and distress associated with fire, heat and the sun. Great to use during summer.

Space Clearing: clears environments of the effects of negative energy.

Transition: helps to cope and move through any major life changes.

Travel: allows you to arrive fresh and balanced after long journeys.

Woman: harmonises and balances women.

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