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The Flowers

The Australian Bush Flower Essences™ work on the mind, body and spirit. They target the emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns, held in our subconscious mind.  The essences work at resolving any distress in your life. They give you the sensitivity, strength and courage to listen to and follow your intuition, as well as your goals and dreams. 

Each of us has a specific life plan or purpose.  Once you are conscious of what yours is and are following it, your life will flow with greater ease and success. It is our intuition or ‘gut feeling’ which helps to keep us aligned to our life purpose.

The essences will assist you to bring to consciousness your life plan and support you in successfully living it. By living your life authentically, not only do you benefit, but so does your family, community, country and the Earth plus you inspire those who you come into contact with to do the same.  Click here for further information.

Ian White, the Founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essence™, has this to say about Australian bush flowers:

the symbol of the
Bush Flower Essences™

Australian plants have a real beauty and strength. There is something quite remarkable about them.
Apart from the fact that Australia has the highest number of flowering plants, they are the oldest in the world.

Metaphysically, Australia has always had a very wise, old energy
and at the moment there is a tremendous new vitality in this country and New Zealand

The colours of Australian bush flowers predominantly are:

  • red (a grounding colour for: passion, strength, courage, vitality);
  • yellow (happiness, joy, wisdom); and
  • purple (spirituality).

The earth of Australia is a relatively pristine one. The plants that thrive in the Australian bush have had to adapt, be resilient, strong, courageous and committed - these qualities are awaken in you when using the Australian Bush Flower Essences™.

For more information about the: taking the Australian Bush Flower Essences™ click on About the Flowers; and types of common combination essences click on Individual Flowers.

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